We translate into and out of our mother tongues. To achieve a good result it is essential to discuss terminology and the linguistic range of the translation in detail beforehand. Translations are priced on the basis of a rate per “standard line”, which consists of 55 characters including spaces (of the finished translation). However, hourly rates are sometimes quoted for texts that are particularly labour-intensive (for example, because they are in verse, because new copy needs to be written or because they require significant background research). In order to provide a realistic and fair quotation we will need to see the text that needs translating or a representative extract. We are happy to receive this in any commonly-used format. You can send it by fax, through the post or even, for example, as an image file attached to an e-mail. After looking at the text we will be glad to provide you with a no-obligation estimate or, if you wish, a binding quotation. In return you can be sure that we will research the subject extensively, conscientiously incorporate the relevant terminology and provide a stylistically accurate translation on time, all with absolute discretion. Should you require a translation into another language you are very welcome to contact us anyway. We are well connected in the translating world and will no doubt be able to recommend a translator with the relevant language combination and specialism.

Ana Hernanz